VALAHIA C1 BIO alfalfa seeds

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Valahia (4AG08) entered testing at the State Institute for Variety Testing and Registration (ISTIS) in Romania in 2018. After the first year of testing, the newly created variety obtained encouraging results that led to its continued testing in the next 2 years.
In 2021, this variety qualified for approval for registration in the Official Catalog of Plant Varieties in Romania.

Biological properties of the Valahia alfalfa variety in 2019-2020 (within ISTIS):

Variety Regeneration capacity (grades) Resistance to drought (grades) Resistance to falling (grades) Resistance to diseases (grades)
witness 3 2 3 3
Valahia 2 1 2 3

Scoring system: 1 – very good, 3 – good, 5 – medium, 7 – poor, 9 – very poor.

It is characterized by a high production potential, but also by a higher quality of the feed provided by the high protein content and the high degree of digestibility. Adaptability to the growing conditions in Romania makes it an alternative, especially for farms with a zootechnical profile in our country, but also for those whose main objective is plant production.

Production of alfalfa dry substance, variety 4AG08 (Valahia) in 2019-2020 (within ISTIS):
Production of alfalfa dry substance, variety 4AG08 (Valahia)

Growth rate:
Degree of sprouting:
Feed quality:
Average feed production:
Plant size:

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 45 × 25 × 12 cm
Greutate sac