DOBROGEA C1 BIO alfalfa seeds

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A new variety of Romanian alfalfa, the result of the collaboration between PATRU AGRO and USAMV Bucharest – Plant Sciences Department. The variety was approved in 2019, after 3 years of testing at the State Institute for Variety Testing and Registration (ISTIS) in Romania. The tests were performed in several locations and tracked the productivity of the variety, as well as other extremely important properties, such as regenerative capacity, resistance to drought, resistance to fall and resistance to disease. The positive results obtained in the test fields certify the superior qualities of the newly created variety.

Results obtained by the Dobrogea variety in the tests from the ISTIS network in the year III (2018):

Variety Regeneration capacity (grade) Resistance to drought (grade) Resistance to falling (grade) Resistance to diseases (grade)
witness 2 4 3 3
Dobrogea 1 2 2 2

Scoring system: 1 – very good, 3 – good, 5 – medium, 7 – poor, 9 – very poor.

At the same time, the special results obtained by Romanian farmers in production conditions recommend it as a variety of a great perspective.

Production of alfalfa dry substance variety Dobrogea in 2016-2017 (Teleorman county):

Growth rate:
Degree of sprouting:
Feed quality:
Average feed production:
Plant size:

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