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About us

The company was founded in 2003 on the structure of an older company, having as main object of activity the production, processing and marketing of vegetable seeds.

In 2004 we considered it necessary to introduce pesticides and fertilizers in the marketing activity, as a requirement of the constantly developing market in this field.

Currently, the PATRU AGRO SRL company distributes seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and other products for agriculture, coming to the aid of farmers in order to achieve high-quality and economically efficient crops.

Our goal is to meet the requirements of farmers through offering products and advice, so that they can practice modern and efficient agriculture.

PATRU AGRO SRL works with a large number of phytopharmacies from all over the country, direct producers, but also with owners of small properties, ensuring the transport and distribution of the requested products.

PATRU AGRO SRL aims to offer our partners promptness, seriousness, programs for the achievement of crops, differentiated depending on crop areas and financial possibilities.

The PATRU AGRO SRL company has already gained notoriety on the Romanian market by practicing modest prices, largely saving the beneficiaries from unnecessary consumption of time and travel expenses for supply.

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